A while ago I shared some worship PowerPoints my students made that feature lessons about God found in nature. I also promised you more as we progressed through The Big Book of Animal Devotions by William L. Coleman. The students have been working hard, so here they are: 15 more worship PowerPoints you can use in your class.

Lesson 16: The Animal in Armor
Lesson 17: Which Is the Whale
Lesson 18: Bugs with Flashlights
Lesson 19: The Mighty Gorilla
Lesson 20: Bird Buffet
Lesson 21: Crybaby Crocodiles
Lesson 22: The Bad Tempered Rhino
Lesson 23: Birds That Swim
Lesson 24: The Twelve-Inch Tongue
Lesson 25: Pearl Divers
Lesson 26: Monkeys in a Hot Tub
Lesson 27: The Big Eater
Lesson 28: Nature in the City
Lesson 29: Can Dolphins Talk
Lesson 30: Cannibal Insects