Frogs in Pharoah's BedFrogs in Pharaoh’s bed, hornets killing an army, salt for buying a slave?  What do all these things mean? Each morning I start my sixth graders’ day with questions like these. We open our Bibles, have a word of prayer and are ready to dive into God’s words using Mary Rose Pearson’s book Frogs in Pharaoh’s Bed.

To make the experience more interactive, I have made a PowerPoint presentation to go with each lesson in the book. Students take turns reading the facts on the slides as they follow the story in their own Bibles.

All of the lessons include an activity. Some I do at the end using PowerPoint; others I print for the students to do on paper.

Click on a chapter title to download the corresponding devotional PowerPoint.

  1. God’s Tiny Dive Bombers
  2. Dust to Dust
  3. Please Pass the Salt
  4. The Floating Axhead
  5. The Everlasting Book
  6. Strange Little Leather Boxes
  7. The Dagger of the Left-Handed Warrior
  8. A Rainbow’s Pot of Gold
  9. Is the Yoke on You?
  10. The Wise Potter and the Lump of Clay
  11. The Strange Time of the Sundial
  12. Giant Mountain Men
  13. A Perfect Little Lamb
  14. Supper’s Ready
  15. Two Huge Loaves of Bread
  16. An Unusual Camping Shelter
  17. Money Bags with Holes
  18. Sunk in a Muddy Dungeon
  19. A Plumb Line and a Crooked Wall
  20. Sound the Alarm
  21. The Frightened Witch
  22. God’s Scales Weigh a King
  23. Poisonous Gourds for Supper
  24. The Camel and the Eye of a Needle
  25. The Crushed Worm
  26. A Sleepy General
  27. Shipwreck
  28. Fishing for Money
  29. The World’s First Alarm Clock
  30. The Dead Stick that Came Alive
  31. Marching Orders
  32. Fig Leaves, Furs, Filthy Rags
  33. A Tiny Ant and a Big Lesson
  34. Frogs in Pharaoh’s Bed
  35. Sun and Moon, Stand Still
  36. The Stolen Ark of God
  37. A Tipsy Idol, Lowing Cows, and Golden Rats
  38. The Raging Storm on the Sea of Galilee
  39. Life for a Look at a Snake
  40. The Bread that Satisfied
  41. Sweeter than Honey
  42. The Stolen Spear and a Jug of Water
  43. Two Spies in a Well
  44. The Escape Over a Wall in a Basket
  45. Going Fishing
  46. The Prison of No Escape
  47. Riding on the Wings of an Eagle
  48. Fox Holes and Bird Nests
  49. The Mighty, Majestic Lion
  50. Whips and Scourge
Caution: Adventist teachers will need to be careful of the first lesson, God’s Tiny Dive-Bombers, as you will have to correct the view of the dead; and the 21st lesson, the Frightened Witch, when you will need to explain whether Saul saw the real Samuel by the witch’s power.