Music plays such a powerful role in the classroom. Used properly, it can get students excited or it can calm them down. I personally cannot have enough music in my life, and I really like to use it with my students to worship our Lord and Savior with.

Finding the right songs that will inspire a worshipful attitude in students can be difficult, especially for someone like me who doesn’t play an instrument or carry a tune very well. For that reason, I was grateful to find these YouTube videos that already have perfect music, young people leading the songs enthusiastically, and the words of the song displayed. The students find them fun, and I just love that they include hand motions to involve the students in kinesthetic learning.

The other day a parent was visiting the class and saw us singing along with these videos. Later in the day she said to me, “I was wondering where my daughter learned ‘How Great Thou Art’. She has been humming and singing that song all around the house the last few days. I knew we had never sung it at home.”

I can’t think of a better compliment than hearing that what you are teaching is becoming part of students’ lives outside of school.