I’ve wanted a smart board for years, but like many teachers, just couldn’t afford it with my classroom budget. This year my friends, Aaron and Randy, helped me come up with a more affordable alternative. Using a Wii Remote and a free online version of Smoothboard Air, I now have an interactive board for less than $60.

$60 Smart Board Alternative

Here’s a list of the items to purchase on ebay or Amazon.com (and the prices I paid for them) if you’d like to set up your own smart board alternative.

  1. Used Wii Remote $26
  2. Bluetooth adapter (so the computer can talk to the Wii Remote) $12
  3. Infrared LED pen $18

Depending on your classroom set up, you may need to purchase additional hardware to install the Wii Remote. In my case, drilling a hole in the back of Wii Remote allowed us to put a screw through it for hanging. After that, happy teaching!