Today was my first day back to school after the Christmas break, which went a little longer than scheduled due to the cold front and extra lake effect snow that we got here in Michigan. Even though all of the students and even I would tell you that we weren’t ready to come back, we were ready. Students and teachers alike can only appreciate so much vacation, and then we want to return to the classroom. I certainly enjoyed my day backĀ  and being in the role I was designed for.

Crown or Colony

I had several great lessons today. I was really excited about sharing with the students a revolutionary way to learn history. At Mission US students can participate in an interactive program called “Mission 1: For Crown or Colony?” The graphics were engaging, the material was directly related to our lessons in class, and it was very helpful that it reinforced the vocabulary that we’ve been learning related to the topic.

The site is free, but students do have to sign up. You also have the option of giving them time to play the game in class or asking them to spend time on the site at home. I chose the latter. Check it out and see what you think.