The more I look at Pinterest and see all the great things other teachers are doing, the more I want to make my own classroom more inviting and pleasant to be in for students and myself. I don’t know about you, but I hate using my summer vacation to work in my room, so I am using this spring cleaning time to complete a few projects that will make my class better next fall.

My first thought was to tie all four corners of the room together by placing the same eye-catching color in each. Since I love blue, I started by taking a shade of this color and painting bookcases that frame the front whiteboard, a chest of drawers in he back of the room, and my desk and chair that reside in the front left corner of the room.

Blue Bookcase Blue File Cabinet Blue Teacher's Desk

I am very pleased with how the color turned out. The desk is not done yet; a friend of mine is building an attachment for the backside that will hide all of the computer cords. The attachment will double as a crown-molding frame around a board painted with magnetic chalk paint. I can hardly wait! As soon as it’s finished, I will post an update.

Are you working on any projects to spruce up your classroom? If you need inspiration, I encourage you to browse through these ideas. It’s amazing what a difference a little paint, paper and hand-lettering can make.