Hello!  I am so happy to have you visit my blog. Like other teachers, I am always looking for ideas, projects and materials to help me with my teaching. One year ago I thought, “Hey, I have ideas too, so why don’t I share them?” That’s how this blog got started.


I have been teaching sixth grade for 18 years now, but I have also taught every other grade from first through eighth, with the exception of seventh. In total, I’ve taught for 29 years, with this upcoming school year being my thirtieth. 

I am a very proud mother of two lovely girls, and I have one great son-in-law. My husband and I live with our teenager daughter in Michigan, but I always have a desire to travel and live in other places as well. Already I have lived and taught out west in California and Arizona, down south in Florida and Tennessee, overseas in Korea, Japan and India, and right here in the midwest in Wisconsin and Michigan.


We have two great dogs, one who is a very old faithful part of the family, and the other who is a sassy young girl always looking for something to eat.

Bernard & Cali

In addition, I recently got started fulfilling a long-time dream of raising chickens by acquiring two Jersey Giants from a friend. This summer I have been working on making their stay with us comfortable in hopes of getting great eggs soon!

Deborah Raising Chickens

When I am not caring for school stuff, kids, dogs or chickens, I find a great deal of pleasure in caring for my yard and garden, reading and cooking.

Sunflower Mailbox

Again, thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you will keep coming back, and that you will find things to inspire you!