Window decals are so popular right now, and there are a variety of places to buy them online. I’ve seen quotes, trees, animals – anything and everything you can think of – turned into easy-to-apply window and wall stickers. This year I decided I wanted to dress up my classroom windows, but at a slightly lower cost. A teacher’s budget only goes so far, so whenever possible, I like to find ways to make things myself. Here’s how I made my own bird window decals.

DIY Bird Window Silhouette

I started by doing a Google search for bird silhouettes and pasting my favorite ones into a Word document. I then adjusted the sizes and colors, and hit print.

Bird Close-up

After doing a really rough cut around the birds, I glued them to black construction paper. This way, when viewed from one side of the window you see colorful birds, and from the other side, you see black silhouettes. I then did my more detailed cutting.

DIY Bird Window Decals

To make the power lines across the window, I used black electrical tape.  All it took then was a little spray adhesive to attach the birds, and wa-la! I had my custom window decal.