Don’t you just hate it when computer cords run down the front of your desk where students easily end up standing on them? I have had that problem all year, but won’t anymore. I asked my good friend and coworker, Randy, to build a frame around the front of the desk where I could hide the cords and mount a magnetic chalk board. Look what a lovely job he did!

DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Desk DIY Chalkboard Teacher's Desk DIY Computer Cord Solution

Afterwards, one of my students used colored chalk to write out a positive message on it and we hung up a little decoration.

I owe a huge thanks to Randy for not only teaching my students P.E., but looking out for me as well and helping make this vision a reality. As the year wraps up, are there some extra-special parents or coworkers who you want to thank for their support? I’d love to hear about!