Well, it’s Friday, and my student teacher and I have been preparing the classroom all week for the start of school on Monday. I have felt very inspired to put the room together in an organized and appealing way, thus all the painting and decorating. It certainly has been fun to try doing some of the things I’ve found on Pinterest. (I’ll put up more posts about other projects we’ve done this week later). For a finishing touch to all our work, I wanted to create a door to share my teaching philosophy with everyone who comes by. I also thought that seeing it myself each morning would help me refocus and make plans to carry out the idea.

Cheerful Yellow Classroom Door Decoration

My student teacher (the one in the picture above) was happy to help with it.  I gave her a printout of something I pinned to my Inspiration Thoughts board, and she quickly set to work. It looks amazing! I really do want to help my students learn through hands-on experiences this year. Wait till you see what I am doing on Monday, opening day!