Every year our school holds an International Food Fair to celebrate the diversity of our student body and raise funds for Home & School. Each teacher selects a country and together with their students and parents prepares an attractive booth with food items to sell.

Make a European-Themed Booth

I’ve done several countries in the past, but this year it was France that came to mind. With a few transparencies, markers and paints, a set of Christmas lights and a lot of helpful students, we created a European Pastry Shop.

Pastries at European-Themed Booth

My students’ parents and grandparents provided us with so many kinds of delicious baked goods that our booth ran over to the table beside us. I am so thankful for them! From noon to 2:30 p.m. we had customers every moment.

Many thanks as well to my great students who worked so cheerfully and rapidly to prepare, set up and run the booth. I couldn’t be a happier teacher!