Before starting my own blog, I worked with other teachers to contribute content to Circle. It’s a great site for finding student activities, lesson plans and other teaching resources. (If you type in my name, Deborah Park, you can find all of the things I’ve added in the past.)

One of my favorite projects that I’ve added to Circle though, is a complete guide to running a student-led week of prayer based on the theme “Son Harvest County Fair.” Among other things, it includes scripts, PowerPoints and decorating ideas. Here’s some pictures and a video to give you a taste of how our final program turned out.

The reason I thought to post this today is because my class has just begun preparing to lead this year’s week of prayer, “Tales of the Kingdom.” Scripts have been handed out and jobs have been assigned. The students are already getting excited and so am I! I will be sharing this year’s program with you a little later.