For many kids, learning spelling words involves a lot of time with pencil and paper. To mix it up for my students, I use a simple game with alphabet tiles.

Fast and Fun Spelling Game

For years I’ve collected Scrabble tiles at summer garage sales, but they can also be purchased for $3.99 a set online.

All week I work on teaching my students the spelling words and their definitions. The day before the test I organize them into groups of three and give each group a bag of tiles. 

To start each round of the game, I give a part of speech and definition for one of the words we have been studying. As a group they must figure out which word I am referring to and use their tiles to spell it out on the table. When they think they have it, they yell “Got it!” If their spelling is correct, I tally a point on the white board at the front of the class.

Students really get excited and involved as they try to be the first ones to earn a point. I usually end the game by asking the groups to connect as many of their spelling words together (Scrabble style) as they can.