Unlike many of you who will be starting school tomorrow AFTER the Labor Day weekend, I started classes two weeks ago on the 19th of August.  I fully intended to get right back to blogging and sharing with ideas with you, but as is always the case, the things in front of me or that pile up on my desk get first priority.  However, this evening I’m determined even before writing out my plans for the week to get up this post.  So let me share!

Student Self-Portrait

On the first day back I had 26 students and wanted to find an easy way to get a sense of who they were, what they were hoping for this year, and how they would be able to carry out my directions in completing a small project in one day. What better way to accomplish all these goals than with a little activity I saw at Art Projects for Kids. Its called Me and My Goals Self Portrait.

Me & My Goals Self-Portrait

I printed out this template from the site, added my own name and small details, and then ran copies for the students to draw themselves on.  I went ahead and made my own as an example, but also did sample drawings on the board.

Student Self-Portrait Gallery

When we were done, we cut out our self-portraits and glued them onto construction paper. These made great reads for the Parent Open House that we held on the second week of school.

Me & My Goals Self Portrait

I think you’ll find this project easy to do, and that it yields great results where used on the first day of school or later in the year.