Having taught now for more than 30 years, I find myself doing things the “old school way” mostly because I am familiar with that way, not because that way is more efficient or convenient.  One of those things, I am embarrassed to confess, is lesson planning in a paper planner and then photo copying the plans to slip under my principal’s door by Monday morning.  I asked myself, “If you are using the computer and technology with so many other things, why not with writing your weekly plans?”   When I recently came across a poster that read, “Allow yourself to be a beginner.  No one starts off being excellent,”  I felt quite challenged to find an app that would help me take the leap from paper to technology.  I searched through several apps and finally found Chalk.com was simple to use and easy to learn.  I needed easy.


As I used the program, I could tell that teachers helped develop it because it was teacher-friendly; it knew exactly what I would need. The color coding options helps me keep the classes organized and the ability to set up templates keeps me from having to write out things over and over.  I love that I can access my planner with my tablet when I am out and about and with my desktop when at home.  I find planning easier and more thorough than what it was for me in the past.  And of course, with just a click, my nicely written plans are in the “hands” of my principal by Monday morning.

I can’t tell you how happy I am that the transition from the paper planner to the online plan board was so simple. I only wish that I had done it years ago.  If you are still writing your lesson plans by hand in a paper planner, I encourage you to take a look at Chalk.com.  If an old timer like me can make the transition, I am sure you can!  Let me know what you think of the program.