One skill I really like to pass on to my students is painting and helping them to see that they can create great works of art. With a few modifications to make the project more cost effective, I took a clever idea from Bright Star Kids Blog and put my students to work creating these bright and cheerful paintings.

Geometric Paintings

Instead of canvas, I cut white foam board into 8.5 X 12 inch pieces for each student. (Start adding up the cost savings right there.) I then gave them cheap masking tape from the dollar store instead of painter’s tape and asked the students to create designs. The only “rule” was that the each piece of tape had to begin or end on top of another piece.

Masking Tape Painting Project

Next I asked the students to paint the marked out spaces with bright colors, thinking of how an observer’s eye would follow the color across the board.

Art Lesson: Geometric Painting with Masking Tape

After letting the paint dry overnight, students carefully removed the tape. (If not done slowly, the foam board can peel.) The result was paintings with crisp, sharp edges.

Easy to Make Art

They all turned out fantastic, but I especially like the look of outlining the edge of the board that one student did.

Easy to Make Art