Getting back to school means getting a lot of things together and done. Like me, you probably have some new textbooks and curriculum standards to familiarize yourself with, workshops and conventions to attend, and lesson plans to make.  So like me, while you want the bulletin boards in your room and hallways to be attractive and give a good message, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on them. Here’s a little trick I use.

Camping Bulletin Board

You might remember this bulletin board I put up last year in the spring saying goodbye and wishing the students a happy summer. It stayed up all summer and kept the hall cheerful for any visitors we had come through.

Bulletin Board Quote About Goals

Well, with just a little rearranging and a new message, I was able to save time and still have a new, attractive board. The trick is to not paint all of your images on the same paper, but instead to put some on cardboard and later pin it to the bulletin board.

Adding Depth to Bulletin Boards

I painted the blonde girl waving on a piece of cardboard and have used it half a dozen times now. I cut the other girl out of the tent paper and moved her to the upper right corner. Then, making an overhead transparency of this quote from Talk of the House, I was able to trace the awesome lettering with a black marker in no time at all. I like reading this question on my way into class because I feel it’s a great one to ask ourselves every day.

The next time you make a bulletin board, try planning it in such a way that all it takes is a few adjustments to get a second design out of it. Pretty soon, you will be able to get two or three different designs out of each bulletin board you make. For more bulletin board quotes and ideas, check out my Pinterest board.