In a previous post I shared how to make African-themed alphabet books with your students. Now that everyone in my class has turned in their projects, I’d like to show you some more of the great work they did.

Several students made their books using clear plastic protective sleeves. They printed photos and then did research so they could write an informative paragraph for each page.

This student arranged their photos and copy on Shutterfly and then ordered a print of the book.

Each student chose a different focus for their book. This one printed maps of Africa and illustrated the alphabet using countries and flags. He and his father then bound it together using an ancient Korean technique.

This young man used PowerPoint to put each page of his book together. He then had it printed at a local print shop. The lovely borders and photos make every page attractive.

One of my students used photos that a relative took while serving as a missionary in Africa. How cool is that?

Alphabet books can come in all shapes and sizes, as is illustrated by this smaller one. This student used rubber stamps to create her letters and then printed photos after researching each animal.

One of my favorite parts of this project is seeing all of the creative covers that students come up with. In this case, the student stitched letters on a fabric cover, then drew and painted all the illustrations inside.

Good job, sixth graders! I’m proud of you. Who knows — one or more of you may one day become and author and publish a book of your own. You have talent!