3 Short Videos for Teaching Character

I love watching Hallmark commercials, especially as the holidays come around. In a few moments they can take you into a story and emotion while teaching you character.

Sometimes before my students head to lunch or recess, or when I need a little filler between classes, I share a short video from SpiritClips. Like classic Hallmark movies and commercials, these stories are great for building character and developing morals.

The SpiritClips website charges a small fee each month, but they also have some free videos available on YouTube. Some of my favorites include:

Little Frog: Using Your Voice to Help Others
Red: Standing with Others
Good Dead: Going Out of Our Way to Make A Difference

While I haven't tried it yet, I think these clips could also make fantastic writing prompts for Language Arts. What are your ideas for using these clips in class?

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