In my many years of teaching, I’ve heard teachers moan over the idea of having to put up another bulletin board, as if it were the worst part of their job.

Unhappy Teacher

“I’ve already decorated my classroom once, so why do it again?” they say. “It should be okay to leave the same posters and bulletin boards for a few years in a row.”

It’s unfortunate to me that they don’t see the value of using their walls. Bulletin boards and posters are not just about decoration; they’re tools to engage students and reinforce the ideas they are learning.

Another common myth is that once students reach the middle and upper grades, it’s no longer important to decorate the classroom. Wrong again! Every age group enjoys being in an attractive, stimulating environment. Frankly, I’ve stepped into some classrooms that I couldn’t bear to stay in for more than five minutes, yet alone all day for nine months. My heart goes out to students trying to learn in those environments.

So, do you need some inspiration? This summer while spending time with friends in Arizona, I had the opportunity to visit a local church and their school. From the moment I stepped inside, I was amazed at how the educators created a fun and inviting learning environment for their students. I understand that we can’t all paint murals on our walls, but with a little imagination, we can find ways to visually immerse our students in the lessons they are learning.

Sabbath School Classroom

Painting Bible Scenes on the Wall

Sample Bible Wall Murals

Tent Bible Mural

Don’t you just love how they worked the windows into their paintings and added the fringe to make the tent look more realistic?

Make a Sky with Hanging Fabric

I’ve shown you how to create a “sky” ceiling using plastic table cloth, but here they use fabric.

Trees Painted on the Wall

Just a few white trees turn what would otherwise be a boring clock wall into a very appealing section of the classroom.

Classroom Wall MuralSimple Desert Wall MuralPainted Beach Mural

Again, I am not saying we all should paint murals on our walls, but as we set up our classrooms for this fall, I want to throw out the challenge to really think about how we can use those blank spaces to enhance the experiences in our rooms.

P.S. If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them here!