Textbooks can cover a lot of information in a few pages, oftentimes more than a student can digest in one lesson or day. I’m always trying to find ways to make the ideas stick longer. One method I use is having students make mini-posters.

In science class this week our lesson was about the six characteristics of amphibians. While the textbook simply listed them with bullets, I asked students to create mini-posters with six flaps. Under each flap they wrote one of the characteristics. To engage their critical thinking, they then had to come up with questions to write on the outside of the flaps that would lead to the answer written under the flaps. Here’s how some of the posters turned out.

Students Make Posters for Science Class

Students Make Posters for Science

Students make frog posters for science

Later in the week my goal was to help them better understand the states of metamorphoses that a bull frog undergoes. We watched a fantastic video clip and then I showed them a site that has photos of each stage of the process. To solidify what they learned, I then had them create mini-posters. As soon as these were done I put them on display.

Students Make Frog Poster for Science

Student-Made Frog Posters for Science