I don’t know if you are like me, but I am just loving Pinterest and all the ideas it gives me! The other day I got excited when I saw this project, originally pinned from art teacher Robyn Peterson’s blog.

Mosaic Silhouettes of Energy
This photo is from Robyn Peterson’s blog.
Yesterday my students and I got right to work making our own silhouettes using the overhead projector. We wanted each student’s pose to be one of motion and activity, as well as one that shows their interests.

Students Make Active Silouhettes

After tracing the silhouettes in pencil, we went over them with a black marker and cut them out.

Students cut out silouhettes

Next, we spray painted the figures black.

student silouhette

We are currently in the process of making the circles to glue on, but I just couldn’t wait until they were finished before showing you this project. Be sure and check it out, along with the other great projects Robyn has on her blog. Later, when we are all done, I’ll post again and show you our finished presentation.