Games, games and more games! I never have enough of them to keep my classes exciting, yet productive. Here is another one that I have modified for my spelling class.

Using a bingo board pattern, I created my own game board handouts labeled SPINGO (see template below). In the upper corner of each square I wrote numbers in a random order. To add stiffness and durability, I glued each handout to a sheet of construction paper. Then, I laminated the sheets so I could use them more than once. The boards I have now I have used for the past 15 years.

To play the game I give each student a board and a vis-à-vis pen. Every time I call out a number I also say a spelling word and give its definition. The students must write it in the corresponding box on their playing card. 

Once someone has five in a row he or she calls out “SPINGO!” I then ask the student to stand, say each number, tell me the word and spell it from their board. If all five are correct, the student receives a treat. Then we all wipe our boards clean with a damp paper towel and play again. 

This activity gives them lots of practice writing out their spelling words before taking the test.