Last week I told you that I would give a full report on how cooking colonial recipes with my students went. (You can read more about how this project got started here.) Well, I am happy to say there were no cuts or burns, but there sure was a lot of good teamwork and great food.

Cooking Colonial Recipes

Each team of five or six students took their supplies and recipes to the school kitchen and got right to work. Of course I was there to supervise the use of stoves and ovens, along with three other adults. We also helped the students whenever a problem came up.

For some students this was their first experience cutting onions, measuring spices, and using a blender. They were excited and worked very well in their teams.

Cutting Onions

No sooner than flat jacks were starting to be fired, and smells coming from the oven, that students started to get hungry and were eager to dig in.

Cooking with Kids

All the food was place on a table – Hasty Pudding, Flat Jacks, Dutch Walnut-Cinnamon Squares, Southern Succotash and Hoppin’ John – and labeled whether it was vegan or not. Prayer was given and they ate until they were full!

photo (18)

Because students enjoyed it so much and because there is so much real life application, I think you will find my class in the kitchen more often on Friday cooking something up!