If you’ve never used Scratch-Brite Paper, you will want to. This pre-inked gold color paper helps students create stunning pieces of artwork. I used some last week to help finish off our unit on Egypt.

Gold Egyptian Art Project with Scratch Brite


As usual, I gave each student some coloring pages from the Internet to use as drawing aids. I then asked them to pre-draw their picture lightly (with am emphasis on lightly) on the Scratch-Brite Paper using a mechanical pencil. If they are not comfortable drawing, you can have them trace the picture you provide with a heavy hand, thus leaving them a line to follow with the scratching tool.

Then with a scratch art tool they can scratch over their lines, revealing the gold underneath. The finished pieces turned out great! Just caution your students not to scratch too deeply or they will remove the gold coloring as well.

FYI: The paper can also be purchased in silver and rainbow colors.

Easy Egyptian Art Project

Sixth Grade Egyptian Art Project