Have you ever wanted to add a little blue sky to your classroom ceiling, or maybe just find a way to soften the glare from the lights above? Perhaps you’ve wanted to create a tent or rainbow that stretches across the entire room for a special lesson or event. All you need are plastic ceiling clips that attach to the framing between the tiles, some hangers, and rolls of plastic table cloth.

Easy Ceiling Decoration for Sky

Depending on the distance between your hangers, you can control the amount of sway that the table cloth hangs in.

Blue Sky Ceiling Decoration

With this method you won’t damage the tiles, or have to struggle to keep fabric in place, as I have in the past when trying to tuck it in between tiles.

Turn Your Ceiling into a Blue Sky for Spring

In my case, I also hung butterflies and flowers as well. I think birds, clouds and sunshine would also cheer up the space. Sometimes the smallest ideas and details make the most lovely classroom settings. Happy Spring everyone!