I just love all the great ideas I can get from others by viewing their boards on Pinterest. If you haven’t been there yet, you had better hurry! You are missing out on tons of ideas.The other day I came across a pin of a site that allows you to upload any photo and turn it into a coloring page. Simply right click on the coloring page to save it free of charge. You can then paste it into Word, enlarge it, frame it if you’d like and print it out. I’m sure there are tons of ways to use this in class, but here are just a few I’ve thought of so far.

  1. Take photos of your students at the beginning of the year, turn them into coloring pages with names below, and pass them out as a way to help students get to know each other. The same idea could work with teacher photos.
  2. Take photos of special places in the school building such as the cafeteria, library or gym, add names of the locations below the pictures, and give to them students to color during the first week of school so they can learn the new building.
  3. Another idea came to mind from my own childhood experiences. When I was young my playmates and I would spend hours tracing our favorite pages from each others’ coloring books. We then assembled them so that we had our own coloring books with the pictures we liked most. Older students could upload their favorite photos and make coloring pages to exchange with younger students.
What are your ideas for these custom-coloring pages? Please share!