For the past 10 years at the end of each school year I’ve collected crayons that my students no longer want. On my recent mission trip to India I took two, gallon-size plastic bags full of them for the children, but there are still a good deal left and the collection continues to grow.

Melted Crayon Art
Every year I try to think of an art project to do with them. I have often melted and dripped them over bottles, or scraped them onto paper that I would then fold and iron. The other day while shopping at the teacher store, I found a new idea. It looks like it was done by melting one crayon after another in a pattern across a board, then hot gluing the same color crayon above each river of color. It might be a lot to do for one student, but I thought I could pair them up to work together. What kind of projects do you do with your leftover crayons at the end of the year?