If you’ll recall, not long ago I shared an idea that I found on The Art Room blog at Falcon Academy of Creative Arts’ website. My students and I went to work right away outlining silhouettes and cutting out dots of colored paper (minus the marble effect shown in the original Art Room post). Here’s how our hallway is looking so far. We have three more silhouettes left to go.


We then put our own twist on the idea, tying it in to Acts 17:28, which says, “For in Him we live and move and have our being, which makes all of us His offspring.” This picture shows the lettering we made with black paper and polka dots.


Action Silhouettes


The figures have worked wonders brightening up our otherwise plain, long hallway, and already we’ve received many compliments about the display. For me, the best part though is seeing students enjoy stretching their creativity and expressing themselves in positive ways.


Action Silhouette
Construction Paper Art Project