When students are making all kinds of great things during a unit of study, I hate to send their projects home one by one because they seem to get thrown away. Instead, I ask Pizza Hut for unused boxes (which they graciously give me each year) and use them to collect students’ work.

Pizza Box to Store Art Projects
Creative Idea for Pizza Box

This month, since our current unit in history is about ancient civilizations, I created a nice cover for the lids of the boxes and a map index of the civilizations we are studying for the insides. As we move through the unit I have students add their projects to their boxes and color in the civilizations on the index. When the unit is complete, I allow the students to take their boxes home.

Throughout the years I’ve found out that students have kept their boxes for a long time after leaving sixth grade.

How do you collect your students’ work? Any other ideas for gathering projects made during a unit of study?