Pinterest does it again!  Through it I recently came across Ruth’s lovely blog, Living Well/ Spending Less, where she has an awesome embroidery project for kids.

Bulletin Board Ideas

I am so excited! Right before Christmas I taught my student how to make embroidery stitches for a type of sampler we made as part of our colonial unit. Now I can extend the practice, taking care of creating something for Valentine’s and designing a bulletin board that I’m responsible for in the month of February.

Hoops are an easy item for me to find; I usually pick them up for 50 cents a piece at a local thrift store. I already have a lot of them, but I plan to make another stop this week because in this project the hoops are a permanent piece.

Students have so few opportunities to learn real life skills anymore, so I think teaching them to sew in this little way is valuable. And yes, I ask the boys to sew as well. In fact, some of them sew better than some of the girls. I definitely don’t like to label skills as a girl or boy thing. I like my students to feel it’s a human thing.

I can’t wait to see what the final project will look like. I’ll keep you posted!