With February approaching, it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s bulletin boards. It’s also a perfect time to remind students of the great love God has for them, a love that never wavers and is without end.

Valentine's Bulletin Board Shows God's Love

One of my favorite boards for the month of February shows this concept. Here’s how I make it.

First, I create an overhead from a coloring page of a dump truck. By placing this on a projector I am able to enlarge it to the right size for the bulletin board. I trace all of the shapes with a black permanent marker except for the dirt.

On a separate piece of paper I use glue and little glitter hearts to create a pile for inside the truck and another to be dumped. Once the picture of the truck is painted, I staple these heart piles into place on the bulletin board. (By the way, if you have students who tend to finish their work quickly and need something to occupy them, allowing them to help paint the bulletin board is a great activity.)

I then type up a quote from Max Lucado in a font that I like and make it into another overhead to project on the board. Using a black permanent marker again, students copy the quote onto the wall.

That’s all it takes! I notice the sparkling hearts tend to catch the attention of everyone who walks down our hall. What better picture to put in their minds than the truckload of love the Heavenly Father has for them.