Making math class more interactive, even in small ways, helps students stay motivated and interested. Sometimes all it takes is pairing kids up with whiteboards and a mission to complete a review sheet.

Whiteboards Make Math Review Fun

That’s what I did last week in class. Students seem to enjoy writing on whiteboards more than doing their work out on notepaper. My only rules are that both students in the pair must work on the same problem together, talking it out as they write on the white board before recording their answers on their individual worksheets.

Whiteboards for Math Review

Typically I pair a student who has a good understanding of the subject with one who needs a little more help. It’s fun to watch them take on the teacher role and gently explain the dividing process. Once the worksheets are completed, I give students a five-question quiz to complete individually. By then, most students are able to pass it with a 100 percent.