Always finding clever ideas and inspirational thoughts on Pinterest, I am eager to actually turn some of those great finds into projects of my own.  Recently I came across this clever saying on one of my pinning days and thought to myself, “That has to be my next bulletin board!”

bulletin board

I know that bulletin boards are more than pretty pictures but can also be powerful teaching tools.  If a board can catch students’ attention, they will read and reread the wording until the thought becomes their own.  Therefore,  I always want something that stands out and catches the eye.  This project was easy for me using the mini poster idea that I saw.  I constructed each of the colored letters with construction paper, cut them out, and then using pillow stuffing stapled them to the bulletin board in a quilted fashion.

Bulletin Board side view

The other letters were simply written in place with a black marker.  Free hand lettering can be difficult, so you might find typing it out using fun fonts and then making a transparency for the overhead projector much easier.

The project turned out bright and eye catching just as I had hoped!  Many students and adults have made positive comments about the board.